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The objective of the EVANZ Awards in 2020 is to recognise the excellence in our industry and reward and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of individuals and organisations as we all move forward during the crisis brought about by COVID-19. For 2020, the EVANZ Awards will be very different as we present awards in just three categories, reflecting the special efforts individuals and venues/businesses have made to get through this extraordinary time:

Three Awards will be made in 2020:

Leader of the Year

Nominees for this award may be General Managers, CEOs, Venue Managers etc. It is envisioned that the nominee would be in a senior management position with substantial influence over the strategies and operational direction of the venue or organisation. This award is sponsored by the Venue Management Association.

Team Member of the Year

This award recognises a team member who showed outstanding commitment and dedication to their venue / business during the COVID-19 period and reopening/rebuilding of the industry. Nominees will be individuals who do not associate with being defined under the leader category. This award is sponsored by Ungerboeck.

Innovation Award

The judges will be looking for an outstanding and innovative product or service, developed by a venue or an Associate Member supply partner, as a result of COVID-19 that has provided real value to their customers or community. This award is sponsored by The Health Promotion Agency.

Nomination and Eligibility

Nominations must be made online using the appropriate submission form.

  1.  The individual nominating may be a member or non-member of the association. It is preferable to inform the nominee prior to the submission, however it is not mandatory.
  2. All categories are open to both venue and associate members.
  3. In all cases the nominee must be a paid-up member of EVANZ as of 1 October 2020.
  4. Employers, employees and colleagues may nominate each other as well as themselves.
  5. Non-current members and their employees are ineligible for nomination.
  6. Non finalist nominations will remain confidential.
  7. To complete a nomination you'll need to have a high res logo and a photograph ready.

Judging Criteria

There are specific criteria with every nomination. Judges will be looking for specific examples of the criteria outlined in the document you will find on the website, under ‘Judging Criteria’ and evidence of their presence and impact on either the venue or its outcomes. We’ve made the criteria by which each entry will be judged as clear as possible. Every entry is judged solely on its own merit in matching up to these – and not in comparison to any other entries. You may provide supporting evidence with your nomination.


Scoring will be done using a points-based system. Each assessment criteria in each award category will be eligible for points. The total of points from each assessment criteria will form the total points awarded. Points values for each assessment and what the entry will have to clearly show to be awarded maximum points is included in the Judging Criteria matrix.

In the event of a draw, the EVANZ Chairman will score the drawn submissions to break a deadlock.

The three nominees with the highest points total will be declared Finalists, announced on 7 November with the overall winners announced at the Awards Evening on 24th November 2020.

The Judging Panel

Each Award will have its own team of three judges. These judges are assembled from the Association Board, Sponsors and industry contributors who are able to give a knowledgeable assessment of their given categories.

In the event the General Manager or a judge identifies a conflict with a nomination, the judge will be excused from judging that nomination and it will be given to an alternative Board member or industry judge.

The judges will score nominations independent of each other and without conversation or knowledge of the others’ scores. Only the General Manager will know who has won each category and this will be revealed at the Awards Evening on 24th November.

Finalist Announcements

Finalists will be announced on the EVANZ Facebook page and website on 9th November.

NOMINATIONS – Must be received by 4pm on 23rd October 2020

Submissions will only be accepted via the online entry form with supporting evidence emailed to admin@evanz.co.nz, clearly indicating the nominees name and award category.

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