Member Benefits

Benefits of Full EVANZ Membership

Upon acceptance of membership your venue/s will receive an invoice for the current year’s subscription.  When payment is received your venue/s becomes a member of EVANZ and the following benefits accrue.

Note it is the venue which is a member not an individual.  This means that your venue can involve one or more staff in EVANZ conferences, meetings, website membership access and so on.  EVANZ will however require a key contact for your venue/s.  Member venues can provide contact names for all EVANZ newsletters and information.

  • Access to member only website resources such as; forums, announcements, members only email newsletter, alerts and advertising opportunities
  • Personal contacts throughout New Zealand with a variety of venue managers and administrators.
  • Identifying new business and entertainment prospects through these contacts.
  • Data and information sharing, access to Members only contact lists.
  • Staff training and development.
  • Eligible to apply for professional development scholarships – theatre, stadia, convention and arenas
  • Access and input into guidelines and best practice formulated for members
  • Attend annual conference and mid year meetings – guest speakers, workshops, business forums and functions
  • Participate in the Annual Venue Awards programme
  • International contacts and information network through VMA (Australasia Venue Managers Association), IAAM (Institute of American Auditorium Managers), and APACA (Australasian Performing Arts Centres Assn). 

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