New Look Kiwi Access card to replace 18+ card from January 2019

Kiwi Acess Card Hospitality New ZealandHospitality New Zealand has been administering the 18+ card since 2000.  The 18+ card is a respected and reliable Evidence of Age document, widely used across New Zealand.

Following Hospitality New Zealand’s recent re-brand, they thought it would be time to review the 18+ card. After consulting with other agencies (including Department of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Social Development, Office for Disability Issues and NZ Post), the decision has been made to replace the 18+ card with a new Kiwi Access card. The Kiwi Access card has a fresh look and enhanced security features, meaning it can reach a wider section of society who will benefit from having access to this new resource.

Hospitality New Zealand received feedback that there is a wide range of people that need to access goods and services in New Zealand, but are unable to obtain a passport or driver licence. As a result, they are currently reliant on the 18+ card to provide the required identification. The card’s new name, Kiwi Access, aligns better with the needs of everyone across all segments of New Zealand society and provides a form of identification that is more appropriate to their personal needs and situation.

The security features of Kiwi Access have also been enhanced, with a state-of-the-art upgrade, making it more difficult than ever before for the card to be fraudulently produced.

The Kiwi Access card will be in circulation in January 2019, and will retail at $55 including GST.

It is important to note that there have been no changes to the process in obtaining a card, so the integrity currently held by the 18+ card remains with the Kiwi Access card.  In fact, the security enhancements made to the Kiwi Access card increase the integrity, making it an even more secure means of identification.

Please also note that the current and previous versions of the 18+ card remain valid for 10 years from the date of issue.

If you have any questions please contact Rebecca Dobbs (ph 0800 500 503 or email, or visit