Presidents Report 2017/18

Keith Parker presented his Presidents Report at the EVANZ AGM on 26 November. Here is a copy of his report.


I am pleased to present my first annual report as the President of EVANZ to members for the November 2017 to November 2018 year. 

Firstly I would like to thank my colleagues on the Executive for another successful year. Without their support and strengths it would be very difficult to deliver across all the work streams and for that I thank them. 

At last year’s AGM Adam Lynch,  Megan Peacock- Coyle, Mark Gosling and Helaina Keeley were elected to the Executive to join standing members Joelene Elliot and myself.

Gwen Keel resigned as the Associates member representative on the board due to her change of work situation, and Ash Quensell was invited to take Gwen`s place as he was part of the Associates working group with Gwen from the start. I was elected by the Executive to lead the Association as their President which has been my pleasure and an honour representing our industry and members.

The Executive met on 5 occasions during the year. In addition to that the Executive Sub Committees also met regularly during the year. These committees include the Education and Training Sub Committee, Conference Sub Committee and Awards Sub Committee. 

I would like to thank all our elected members and sub-committee members for their very valuable contribution during this period.  I very much appreciate the voluntary time they put into their roles.

Miles Davidson left the association in July of this year and a recruitment process was undertaken in April/May with the outcome of Lynn Robinson being appointed the new GM of EVANZ. We thank Miles for assisting in this process and supporting Lynn into her new role.

The Executive and I are sure that the members will thank Miles for 15 years of service and his service will be acknowledged at the Awards dinner tomorrow evening.

  • We have continued to build on our relationships with MTNZ, ETNZ and PANNZ, and hope that this morning’s PANNZ meeting strengthens that relationship.
  • Membership and Associated members numbers have increased which has been pleasing to see.
  • A Survey was completed by our members in regards to the current website and the executive has a much better understanding as to what our members would like to see in that site, A working group will be established to look at the results and work with a provider to review the current and implement changes to our site.
  • Education within the EVANZ family still plays a huge part of what we offer with several scholarships and seminars being held across the country.
  • The Spark Arena Catering Scholarship, Eden Parks operational and catering scholarships along with the prestigious Auckland Live scholarship are but a few that have been undertaken. Adam will talk more about the new and exciting things that we have lined up for our members in his presentation tomorrow in the education session.
  • A very successful mid-year was held in Taupo and we thank Scott and Gillian and their teams for hosting us for a very successful conference.
  • The Association’s finances are in good shape and Lynn will give a more detailed account of our finances a bit later in this meeting.

Nominations have been called for the Executive for 2018/2020.  We are required to fill two positions. Myself and Joelene Elliott were up for re-election but with only two nominations those being both Joelene and myself, no vote will be required this year and the two nominated members will re-join the executive for the next two years. The executive will hold a meeting to elect the President for 2018/2020 after this meeting.

On behalf of the Executive I would like to thank you the members for your continuing support and we look forward to more success in the future. 

To all our sponsors - without you we would struggle. Your contributions are highly valued and I look forward to building those relationships over the next two years to ensure that both the members and the sponsors are being accorded the accolades that they deserve.

I would like to again thank the Executive Committee members for their input, advice and voluntary time which I know that they at times struggle with full time roles and balancing family along with all that.   

The Executive is excited to lead the association into the next year with lots happening, new relationships being built and lots of new initiatives in the education sector.

I have been extremely honoured to have been the President of this amazing Executive. I know that they have worked extremely hard over the last 12 months and I value each and every one of them. To Lynn our new GM I thank you for all that you have already done and look forward to working with you over the next two years.  


President, EVANZ