Platform 4 Group

A great security service is all about people – looking after them, their property or their business in the most intelligent and courteous way. So when you engage a team to provide security, you want people who are genuine experts in their field and who can also be personable, responsive and great ambassadors.

The guiding principle of P4G is to offer you an intelligent, professional and accountable security and customer service. We set higher standards for ourselves, expect more of our people, give them serious career goals to aspire to and are proactive in exceeding your expectations.

We bring 360° analysis and 20/20 vision to every security, customer service or event management project. It’s a quality of thinking that sets P4G apart and protects you and your customers.


Ash Quensell

General Manager - Events and Venues

Physical Address: Wireless House Level 3, 56-58 Grafton Mews, Grafton, Auckland.

Postal: PO Box 91884, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142


Phone DDI: (09) 2158538

Mobile: 021 610834