Oceana LED / Monstavision

New Zealand’s most diverse LED Company.  The bringing together of two great LED Companies, Oceania LED and Monstavision has created a strong entity with the broadest range of LED rental stock in New Zealand.

The group also has sold many fixed installations across New Zealand including large Video Screens, Billboards, On-Premise Retail Signs and Scoreboards.

A complete nationwide LED sales and service is available.

Oceania Broadcast Systems can also provide an outside broadcast van with production facilities and cameras for a variety of events, both outdoor and indoor.


Murray Wright
General Manager Sales/
Business Development

Email: murray@oceanialed.co.nz

PO Box 15939 New Lynn 0640

304 F Rosebank Rd Avondale

New Zealand
Ph + 64 9 830 2020
Mob + 64 21 881 864