Teamocracy is a business focused organisation that specialises in the Venue Management Industry, our purpose is to provide professional training and coaching to help boost the bottom line of your business … whatever your corporation, wherever your venue in New Zealand or the world. 

Our focus is on improving the relationships within your organisation – Relationships underpin everything that we do in business, if you want to be a great leader, you must be in relationship with your people, if you want to be part of a great team, you must be in relationship with your team.  If you want to achieve greater sales, you must be in relationship with your prospects and customers.

How do we do this?  We deliver training, coaching and consulting services tailored to your people.  We bring 15 years’ experience working with venues in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.  We listen and we work hard to create the perfect solution for your challenge.


Name of Company: The Coaching Catalyst Pty Ltd
Trading Name:  Teamocracy
Physical Address:  18 Allen Road, Bunya, Qld, 4055, Australia
Postal Address:  PO Box 2409, Brookside Centre, Qld 4053, Australia
Contact Name: Lindsay Adams CEO
Email Address:
Phone:  +61 438 180 358
Mobile:  +61 438 180 358
Fax:  +617 3325 2538