Simpson Grierson

Simpson Grierson has a dedicated, specialist team working in venue, entertainment, and sports management.

The team:
•         advises on, and reviews television, radio, print, online, in-store, and social media campaigns;
•         drafts bespoke venue hire agreements, ticketing RFP and agreements, host city venue and rights agreements, catering agreements, service provision agreements, and major sponsorship and licensing arrangements;
•         resolves consumer complaints and disputes, and privacy, spam, and Commerce Commission investigations;
•         advises on health and safety compliance and investigations;
•         has specific expertise in the staging of major international arts, culture, music, and sporting events, bid processes, tendering/procurement, the exploitation of commercial rights (including sponsorship and media rights), and licensing;
•         advises on all aspects of structuring and funding including crowdfunding, Major Event, and high-performance sport funding; and
•         advises television broadcasters, media/production companies, event promoters, international federations, rightsholders, NGOs, national sports organisations, and marketing agencies in various jurisdictions around the world.

Contact Information:
Postal Address:
Simpson Grierson, Private Bag 92518, Wellesley Street Auckland
Physical Address:
Simpson Grierson Level 27 88 Shortland St, Auckland
Hana-Rae Seifert
Phone: (09) 977 5224 
Fax: (09) 307 0331