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For 2020, the EVANZ Awards will be very different as we present awards in just three categories, reflecting efforts individuals and venues/businesses have made to get through this extraordinary time. Entry is open to venue and associate members for all three categories and nominations will be accepted up until 4pm on Friday 23rd October.

Leader of the Year

Nominees for this award may be General Managers, CEOs, Venue Managers etc. It is envisioned that the nominee would be in a senior management position with substantial influence over the strategies and operational direction of the venue or organisation. This award is sponsored by the Venue Management Association.

Team Member of the Year

This award recognises a team member who showed outstanding commitment and dedication to their venue / business during the COVID-19 period and reopening/rebuilding of the industry. Nominees will be individuals who do not associate with being defined under the leader category. This award is sponsored by Ungerboeck.

Innovation Award

The judges will be looking for an outstanding and innovative product or service, developed by a venue or an Associate Member supply partner, as a result of COVID-19 that has provided real value to their customers or community. This award is sponsored by The Health Promotion Agency.

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