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Artistic experiences that transport people out of the everyday, that’s what we do.  Our two flexi-form performance spaces create entirely contrasting experiences. Rangatira is an aspirational and challenging auditorium, its name reflecting the energy of the room and our specific locale in Aotearoa. Loft is an intimate multi-use performance area, with a touch of poetic license.

Likewise, our two social spaces hinge on ideas. Citizen Q, our café, recalls the building’s previous life as a Citizen’s Advice Bureau, but also touches on the theatrical notion of the everyman. Lounge is an invitation to feel at home. The names of each our spaces convey their function, but give a nod to their history, culture or geography.

Sure, it’s a purpose-designed building, an inspirational, flexible venue, a good place to eat, even a place to experiment. But it’s also a diverse bunch of talented people, who by growing, operating and patronizing such an adaptable theatre space, sustain a whole bunch of other talented people.

Added to that, Q is the sum of its passionate supporters and even more passionate audiences. Q is a community that connects performing arts and creative industries. We unabashedly support innovative thinking and intelligent discussion.

So now you know. Q is not just a custom built venue; it is the intersection of ideas, people, stories, art forms and action. We give the performing arts industries more financial sustainability and viability. Our coveted rehearsal space, Vault, is just one of the ways in which Q underscores the networking of artists and companies. The high level of technical production capability we offer is another way that we enhance and sustain the industry.

For still more information, try the history, and read about our people or come and work with us. You won’t find anyone else quite like us. Q is the only theatre space of its kind in the country.

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305 Queen Street
PO Box 7263
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James Wilson
Phone: 09 2823903

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