The Knowledge Cafe session is always one of the most popular at conference. Here are the notes taken by our facilitators and photos of the sheets. Here's a reminder of the topics we covered this time:

  1. What opportunities does technology afford venues and operators? Think AI/digital signage/hardware etc.
  2. Sustainability – the challenge and the opportunity as an industry.
  3. Economic Environment - mitigating the impacts of rising costs – including venue costs and event costs.
  4. Drug and alcohol use – what’s happening? How are we handling search/testing?
  5. Accessibility/inclusivity – enabling the same experience for all.
  6. Hirer flexibility vs Operational Risk (eg; by offering hirers more flexible deals/contracts: own catering, production, security, ticketing - is there greater operational risk for the venue overall?)
  7. Cashless venues – is this where we’re heading? How do we facilitate it?
  8. Manaakitanga. What does it mean for us as venues, how do we welcome artists and patrons, and how do we treat them while they are in our spaces?

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